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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cab is a little-known tool, not in everyday use.
Those who use it sporadically may have some doubts, so here is a list of common questions we want to answer.

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Where can you find cabs in Vicenza?2023-06-06T18:06:46+01:00

Cabs, free and waiting for customers, stand in areas dedicated to them by yellow lines called cab stands or cab ranks.
The city of Vicenza is divided into areas each of which features a cab stand.
To request the nearest cab it would be necessary to know the toponymy of the city and to know where the nearest cab stand is located, since this knowledge is not always available TaxiVicenza has made two tools available to its customers:

What is the number of cabs in Vicenza?2023-06-06T18:06:49+01:00
To call a cab in Vicenza, simply dial 0444 920600 and our 24/7 call center service will send you the nearest cab thanks to GPS tracking.
How much does a cab cost in Vicenza?2023-06-06T18:06:48+01:00

Cab fares in the municipality of Vicenza are set by the municipal administration according to resolution.
The fee schedule is available on the City of Vicenza website or in the dedicated area on this site.

Is the cab in Vicenza available 24/7?2023-06-06T18:06:46+01:00

Vicenza cab service is available 24/7, in fact by calling +39 0444 920600, at any time of the day it will be possible to have a cab at your address.

Can you request a cab in Vicenza with the app?2023-06-06T18:06:48+01:00

Of course!
In Vicenza, you can request a cab from the comfort of your smartphone without standing in lines at the switchboard using appTaxi, the app for requesting and paying for a cab anywhere in Italy.

When can you book a cab in Vicenza?2023-06-06T18:06:49+01:00

Call-in reservations are accepted daily 24 hrs a day.

How do you book a cab in Vicenza?2023-06-06T18:06:50+01:00

To book a cab call in Vicenza, simply call our switchboard the day before departure.
The number of the radio cab switchboard is 0444 920600


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