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Cab in Vicenza is easy and affordable for anyone!

From today you can also call the cab through a simple text message at 33 88 44 2000.
Just follow a few simple rules.

In the city

Calling a cab in the city:

You are in the city (provincial capital) and want to call a cab.

  1. Compose a text message with your address respecting the formatting:
    Municipality, street (square, avenue, etc.), house number.
    Example: Vicenza via Roma 138 or
    VI Rome Street 138
  2. Send it to 3388442000 and wait.
  3. A response message will confirm that the cab has arrived.

Alternatively, a known reference can be given, such as, hotels, cinemas, hospitals (specifying the exact location) always putting the municipality in front.
Example: Vicenza hotel Best Western.

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