Deferred call service

Book the cab call

  • You will find the cab at your address at the requested time.
  • Transparent tariffs.
  • Worry-free service.
  • Vehicles according to your needs.

We offer “deferred activation call reservation” service.
With this service we will get your car right on your doorstep, you don’t have to worry about anything, we take care of everything.

When can the cab call be booked?
Call-in reservations are accepted daily 24 hrs a day.

How to book the cab call?
To book a cab call, simply call our switchboard the day before departure.
The number of the radio cab switchboard is 0444 920600

Sms confirmation:
With each call reservation comes a confirmation SMS when the call is processed the message tells you the initials of the incoming cab.

Use of the word “Reservation.”

The use of the simplification “reservation” for the service of “call reservation with deferred activation” is intended for the sole purpose of SEO and indexing of the website on search engines.

As established by L. Jan. 15, 1992, no. 21, Law – state framework on non-scheduled transportation, the cab license holder cannot carry out activities with specific customers (thus on reservation).

To meet the need of users, the Cooperativa Tassisti Vicentini, as an economic entity, a different legal figure not subject to Law 21/92, offers a “deferred activation call” or “deferred activation call reservation” service, which customers in common parlance simplify to “reservation.”

Operation of the “deferred activation call reservation” service:

When requesting a “deferred activation call reservation,” the cooperative collects the user’s needs and stores them within its ride dispatch system, pre-entering a cab request.
The information collected is not provided to any cab license holder.

When the customer’s requested time t-x (requested time minus an advance of x minutes) is reached, the ride dispatching system enters the user’s request into the flow that handles requests from undifferentiated users, and in the case of a positive outcome (confirmed ride) the customer receives an instant SMS with confirmation containing initials and minutes of the arriving cab.

The cooperative assigns “deferred activation call reservation” only to cab license holders on duty at that specific time, no pre-assignment is made to cab license holders not on duty.